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Welcome to Roger Wolfson and Associates

Meet the staff

Some team members in action – From left to right: Jenny Jordan, Terry Sharman, Freddy Thyala, Cecil Baloyi, Shirley (Hospitality) , Roger Wolfson and Sebelo (Laboratory Trainee)

Practice Team

Roger Wolfson : ‘The Boss’

Tom Cruise And Roger Wolfson – What Do They Have In Common And What Does This Have To Do With The Genius Behind E = Mc Squared?
‘Dispelling’ the doubts about doctors with dyslexia

Kal Wolfson : Practice Manager


Jenny Jordan : Reception Manager and Breast Prosthetics Specialist


Amos Magodi : Patient Liaison Officer


Freddy Thyala – Credit Controller


Shirley : Hospitality


Laboratory Team

Terry Sharman : Lamination Technician


Cecil Baloyi : Registered Surgical Shoemaker


Sebelo : Laboratory Trainee


Web Team

Sean Bacher – Web Developer


Helen Fenton : Web Content Writer



Gavin Harris – Logo Therapy Specialist