Aircast Walkers

Introduction to Aircast Walkers

As opposed to the use of a conventional cast, an Aircast Walker is a type of boot that is worn in order to help stabilise the ankle/foot area of the leg.

There are numerous options to consider when choosing a walking cast replacement. A well-designed walker is a cost-effective treatment method that removes the time and costs associated with making a cast.

Pneumatic Walker

The Pneumatic Walker is an ankle/foot stabilising boot.


  • Multi air cell support with graduated compression.
  • Custom-inflated air cells provide individual fit and support.
  • Full shell protection.
  • Sealed air-cushioned heel.
  • Rocker tread encourages a close to normal gait without external rotation.
  • The Pneumatic Walker is removable, which poses no restrictions when bathing, or when therapy is required.
  • Promotes fracture healing.
  • Durable, light and comfortable.


  • An off-the-shelf alternative to a customised cast.
  • Suitable for stable fractures of the tibia
  • Suitable for malleolar fractures.
  • Suitable for calcaneal, talar, cuboid or metatarsal fractures.
  • Ideal for post-surgery use.
  • A good choice for severe ankle sprains.

Short Pneumatic Walking Brace

The Short Pneumatic Walking Brace is an ankle/foot stabilising boot.


  • Total circumferential support provides strength and comfort when walking.
  • Rocker sole enables plantar unloading.
  • Medial, lateral and anterior air cells encourage dynamic oedema reduction.
  • The combination of the foam liner and air cells provides superior circumferential cushioning and comfortable walking.
  • Easy application and simple adjustments that accommodate dressing and swelling changes provide a user-friendly option.


Suitable for:

  • Metatarsal fractures
  • Forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot injuries.
  • Acute or post-operative treatment.
  • A bunionectomy.
  • Soft tissue injuries.

Pneumatic Walker Diabetic System

The Pneumatic Walker Diabetic System is an ankle/foot stabilising boot designed for diabetic patients.


  • Multi air cell support enables a total contact fit.
  • Rocker sole reduces plantar pressure.
  • Graduated air cell compression controls oedema.
  • Air cell inflation is regulated with hand bulb pressure gauge.
  • Semi-rigid shell provides protection and immobilisation.


  • Fracture management suitable for diabetics
  • Suitable for neuropathic ulceration treatment.

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