Amputee Rehabilitation

From amputation to prosthesis in three weeks!!

Walking with crutches five days post-op?

Sounds like science fiction doesn’t it? But in reality, this technique is a very old and inexpensive system that has been coming in and out of popularity for a long, long time

If done properly it can save the amputee, a huge amount of time and the financier a huge amount of money.

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When is the residual limb ready for measurement?

How long does it take for the residual limb to be ready for measurement?

Once the initial measurements have been taken a number of test fittings are carried out.   This is vital for the comfort of the amputee. I like to compare the making of a prosthesis to the making of a wedding dress. For a young future bride the making of a wedding dress is of vital importance and she wants to have it fitting absolutely perfect.

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Immediate Post-Operative Prosthesis (IPOP)

Amputation remains an important salvage procedure in septic and tumor patients. The rehabilitation process post-amputation is often delayed, which is extremely costly to both the patient and the health system. This is largely due to the procedure of ‘coning’ of the residual limb in order to facilitate application of a primary prosthesis.

The technique of Immediate Post-Operative Prosthesis (IPOP) application attempts to address problems such as reduced muscle strength, tone, general fitness and co-ordination….

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