Testimonial: David Goelst

Testimonial: David Goelst

‘There’s no one like Roger Wolfson in South Africa, there is no one to match you!’

Says David: ‘I have worn a calliper for most of my life, since being diagnosed with polio in early childhood.  Each calliper had produced its own set of mishaps over the years.  Even at an advanced stage of life, I had failed in my attempts to find a calliper that would work properly.  Certain simple activities were often extremely difficult.  Sometimes, I was afraid to go shopping for fear that my calliper would give way beneath me.

I did a lot of research, but, to no avail. Due to the bad experiences I had had in the past, by the time I arrived at Roger Wolfson and Associates I thought I had already dealt with the ‘best in the West’ and I had even become convinced that as far as a suitable orthotist was concerned, it appeared that ‘all the good guys had left the country!’  I had almost given up hope of ever being able to find an orthotist that could make me a calliper that would work properly.

But, to my amazement, the first calliper that Roger Wolfson made for me turned out to be very good indeed!  The following year, Roger made me another new calliper that was even better still!  Now, I can honestly say that gone are the days that I walk in fear that my calliper will give way beneath me!  There’s no one in South Africa like Roger Wolfson, there’s no one to match you!’

David Goelst

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