Testimonial: J H Botha

Testimonial: J H Botha

‘The best thing that has happened to me at my age is that my medical aid fund referred me to you, Roger Wolfson.’

Says Mr Botha: ‘Thank you for making a prosthetic leg that works properly.  As an above-knee amputee who has had several artificial legs over many years, I can honestly say that yours is the best; not only due to its uniquely good fit, it also has great stability and is extremely comfortable.

As I have grown older, it has become increasingly important to have a well-fitting leg that is stable and easy to wear.

Prior to my involvement with Roger Wolfson and Associates, my previous attempt to obtain such a leg was a complete disaster.

  • It began with a letter to the Medical Aid Fund from my doctor motivating the need for a new leg.
  • I had a new leg made which was supposed to be ‘the answer to all artificial limbs’. Not only did it cost me a great deal of money, but, this new leg caused me to periodically fall backwards or forwards due to the fact that the knee had no effective braking system.
  • Each time I fell, I would hurt my wrists in an attempt to block the fall. Unfortunately, I broke my hand the last time I fell using this knee.
  • My doctor was alarmed. He wrote another letter to the Medical Aid Fund, recommending that for my safety, a new, different leg should be made.   In this letter, he mentioned that another fall could result in a broken hip, which could also mean the end of my walking life.
  • I had visited the former prosthetist several times, travelling 600kms from my home, in an attempt to put an end to the repeated experience of ‘kissing the ground’ as it were; when the leg would continue to give way unexpectedly from underneath me, for no apparent rhyme or reason.
  • In spite of the fact that the socket was cracked in several places from my having experienced numerous falls, the said prosthetist failed to fix the leg; and implied that the problem was ‘all in my head’.
  • I have since discovered that this particular malfunction is a recognised problem associated with the specific type of knee that I was using.

Since joining forces with Roger Wolfson and Associates, I have been walking comfortably with the new knee for about six months now.  Once the knee mechanism has been fine-tuned, it will be completely problem-free.  I will be visiting Roger Wolfson and Associates again soon, whereby I am confident that any minor difficulties will be ironed out.

Roger, you are a true artisan and an artist who has sculpted a socket that fits comfortably. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me and wish that every amputee could benefit from your skills and a comfortable, strong leg to walk on.’

J H Botha

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