New Prosthetic Certifications

New Prosthetic Certifications by Roger Wolfson and Associates

Roger Wolfson and Associates provides the C-Leg for Above Knee Amputees. The C-Leg was developed by Otto Bock, a German company and world leader in the manufacture of prosthetic devices and parts.

  • Roger Wolfson and Associates provides the Myobock® Below Elbow system for Below Elbow Amputees. The Myobock® Below Elbow system is manufactured by Otto Bock.
  • Roger Wolfson and Associates provides the Otto Bock Anatomical SIT-Cast Ischial Containment System.
  • Roger Wolfson and Associates provides Prosthetic Sockets for Through Knee Amputees.
  • Roger Wolfson and Associates provides the Harmony® Vacuum System for Below Knee Amputees. The Harmony® vacuum system controls the volume of the residual limb and prevents volume fluctuations. A total surface weight bearing socket is used instead of a specific weight bearing socket.

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