No holding back – turn a wish into a reality (the Siya Khumalo story)

Siya Khumalo (image source: News 24)

In May 2015, nine-year old Siya Khumalo was attacked and severely mauled by two Pitbull terriers while on her way home from school.

Not only did she suffer severe kidney damage, in order to save her life, this traumatic incident also led to the amputation of Siya’s right leg.

Siya’s father, Vusi, was faced with even further challenges as a result of the terrible incident, in that it was difficult to foresee how funding could be raised in order to pay for Siya’s prosthetic needs going forward as well as counselling in order to help her deal with the trauma of the attack and that of losing a limb.

Yet, there was no holding back.

When Siya’s friend, Shazia Dudhia, wrote to 94.7’s Christmas Wish List about what happened to Siya, the Dis-Chem Foundation didn’t hold back either and responded without hesitation.

A dedicated team of experts sets to work to help turn a wish into a reality

  • A dedicated team of experts was assembled without delay and promptly set to work to help turn Shazia’s wish for Siya to be fitted with a prosthetic leg into a reality.
  • The components for Siya’s prosthetic leg were funded by the Dis-Chem Foundation.
  • Roger Wolfson and Associates stepped on board immediately in their role as dedicated prosthetists and straightaway set to work on the first walking prosthesis.

Towards comfort, mobility and confidence

Says Roger:

We first begin with the process of measuring of the residual limb which is followed by any number of test fittings that may be required to ensure patient comfort, mobility and confidence.’

In Siya’s case, as a trans femoral (above knee) amputee where the residual limb is short and very scarred, this inevitably means that even as normal healing occurs, and during the rehabilitative process, the residual limb keeps changing as she grows.

Irrespective of the time it takes or the number of fittings required to deliver the best possible results, we are prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure that the outcome of the prosthesis is to the complete satisfaction of the patient,’ Roger confirms.

A team from Carte Blanche

Siya’s prosthetic leg was fitted recently. A team from Carte Blanche was also on the scene to cover this inspiring story, having witnessed the results first-hand of turning a wish into a reality when they visited Siya at the practice of Roger Wolfson and Associates.

But, there is still no holding back for the Dis-Chem Foundation in their continuous effort to raise funds in that more funding will be needed to cater for Siya’s prosthetic needs going forward, since, her leg will need to be adapted as she grows and the counselling that she receives is an ongoing process. Costs could amount to anything from R500 000 to R700 000 over the next three years.

No holding back on the ambition to turn a completely different wish into a reality

Yet, going forward, there will be no holding back for Siya either, in any way whatsoever. Her ambition is to one day become a doctor so that she can turn a completely different wish into a reality, that is, to help others in the same way that she has been helped.

Concludes Roger: ‘Siya has made tremendous progress so far and she is walking well. I firmly believe that she has the strength to achieve that which she truly desires and will live a normal life.’

To help raise funding for Siya, call Roger Wolfson and Associates on (011) 640 7198 or approach the Dis-Chem Foundation direct.

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