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Some team members in action – From left to right: Jenny Jordan, Terry Sharman, Freddy Thyala, Cecil Baloyi, Shirley (Hospitality) , Roger Wolfson and Sebelo Mlambo (Laboratory Trainee)

Practice Team

Roger Wolfson : ‘The Boss’

Roger Wolfson “The Boss”

Roger Wolfson offers patients the full benefit of extensive knowledge and experience gained over more than three decades.  He graduated in 1979 from the Technikon at JG Strydom then later went on to study for a BTech Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics from the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).

Consistent in his approach to keeping abreast of cutting-edge technology and development, Roger remains at the forefront in that he is certified in all the latest requirements in orthotics and prosthetics and is an acclaimed pioneer in the field of orthotics.   Roger Wolfson is responsible for the design and development of a number of breakthrough orthotic innovations, including the JR OA Off-loader knee-brace, and ‘Backmate’, a back/spinal brace.   Roger is also one of few orthotists to have published a paper in a professional journal outside of his own profession.

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Kal Wolfson : Practice Manager

Kal Wolfson :  Practice Manager

Kal Wolfson applies his management skills and  knowledge gained from his background in the IT industry to provide a neverending stream of ideas on how to improve the performance of the practice.   His task is to ensure that management systems are in place to provide a high level of service and ensure that operational processes are efficiently and effectively managed.


Jenny Jordan : Reception Manager and Breast Prosthetics Specialist

Jenny Jordan :  Reception Manager and Breast Prosthetics Specialist

In keeping in form with the feminine form, as breast prosthetics consultant for Roger Wolfson and Associates, Jenny Jordan (S.E.N.) applies her specialist knowledge and expertise to address the special needs of women who have undergone a mastectomy.  (click the following link to find out more about breast prosthetics)   Breast prosthetics: Keeping in form with the feminine form

Jenny is also an expert when it comes to wound dressing and assists Roger in taking care of  the needs of his patients involving this this special task.



Amos Magodi : Patient Liaison Officer

Amos Magodi – Patient Liaison Officer

One might say that Amos Magodi, Patient Liaison Officer for Roger Wolfson and Associates has one of the most interesting roles in patient care and prosthetics management.  A kind natured soul who, in every circumstance goes out of his way to  put the needs of the patient first,  among other things, Amos is responsible to ensure that patients who live in outlying rural areas are safely transported to the practice and are also provided with accommodation where necessary at a dedicated bed and breakfast facility not far from the practice.


Freddy Thyala – Credit Controller

Freddy Thyala – Credit Controller

When it comes to keeping a different kind of balance altogether, that is, balancing the books at Roger Wolfson and Associates, Freddy Thyala is the ‘number cruncher’ of the team and stems from a background in accounting.


Shirley : Hospitality

Shirley Ratema – Hospitality

In her role as Hospitality Supervisor, this amazing lady with a contagiously cheerful disposition goes out of her way to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome.  Shirley has a natural caring ability and goes beyond expectations to ensure that, at the consulting rooms of Roger Wolfson and Associates,  no patient ever goes hungry.  Cup of tea anyone?


Laboratory Team

Terry Sharman : Lamination Technician

Terry Sharman :  Lamination Technician

 Terry is a man of many talents.  This former motor mechanic combines his technical skills with his artistic abilities to deliver top quality work and is a dedicated enthusiast when it comes to assisting Roger in fulfilling the task of ensuring that his craft more often than not exceeds patient requirements.  As well as working as a Lamination Technician for Roger Wolfson and Associates Terry is also working towards completing his certificate in Technical Orthotics and Prosthetics through the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).   Terry has two children and enjoys motor cycling and skateboarding.


Cecil Baloyi : Registered Surgical Shoemaker

Cecil Baloyi : Registered Surgical Shoemaker

This interesting man has a very interesting job with a very interesting background in which he  formerly held a senior post of running a Surgical Shoe Orthopedic Workshop for Government.  Working for Roger Wolfson and Associates gives him the opportunity to use his own set of special skills when it comes to Walking comfortably.


Sebelo Mlambo : Laboratory Trainee

Sebelo :  Laboratory Trainee

Sebelo is the student of the laboratory team and is a valuable team member who is absorbing everything he can in learning from the experts at Roger Wolfson and Associates.  He is also currently working towards completing his Certificate in Technical Orthotics and Prosthetics through the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).


Web Team

Sean Bacher – Web Developer

Sean Bacher –  Web Developer

Sean stems from the IT industry and is an expert IT technician and technical journalist.  He is also an ‘entrepreneur’ at heart and is responsible for numerous creative and business endeavours including his innovative approach to problem solving when it comes to web design and development for Roger Wolfson and Associates.


Helen Fenton : Web Content Writer

Helen Fenton :  Web Content Writer

Helen Fenton  is currently a director and cofounder of African Violet Visions (AVV), a multifaceted company that applies an eclectic blend of arts and sciences to provide a creative marketing and writing/editing service and musical and literary entertainment productions.  She provides a dedicated content writing service for Roger Wolfson and Associates.

In 2014, Helen wrote and published her first book, ‘Live Streaming with the Dead – when Ancestors Visit’, through AuthorHouse UK.  Having spent a total of twenty-five years working for the Standard Bank of South Africa, Helen’s business roots are in the financial services sector.  Her foundations in marketing science are her studies through the IMM Graduate School of Marketing, Johannesburg and twenty years’ experience in corporate marketing, where she performed numerous roles within the bank involving marketing communications, focussed on brand, advertising and creative services.


Gavin Harris – Logo Therapy Specialist